Thursday, November 29, 2007

Book Trailers

I used Windows Movie Maker to design a 49 second book trailer for my Regency short story, His Secret Desire. If you have Windows XP, you already have this program. I found the program tucked away here - c:\program files on my computer. I couldn't find it by clicking on the All Programs via the Start button. To be truthful, it took a little while to get the feel of how the program works, especially overlaying the music to the photos. But after you get used to the slide controls, it's pretty easy from there.

The music I picked out for the trailer is my favorite part of the video. SoundDogs has a great selection of royalty-free music for a reasonable price. If you're wondering about the photos, I downloaded those from Big Stock Photos. I found all this information on Sonja Foust's website. A great website for all things marketing. For instructions on how to create your own book trailer, I highly recommend reading Kevin Lucia's step-by-step article or visit Sonja's website.

For a first attempt, I'm rather proud of the trailer I created. I hope you enjoy it, too. Good luck on creating your own! It's a nice addition to one's website.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Welcome to My Blog!

Hello, folks! Most of you know I've used the Happy Tales page to document my road to publication. Well, the page is getting a little long and a little tedious to post news on. So I'm going to try this blog thing.

I'll continue documenting my accomplishments and key turning points, and I've decided to share whatever bits of wisdom I learn along the way. It is through the generosity of others in the romance industry that I completed a full manuscript, published a short story, and developed a website and bood trailer.

So stay tuned, my friends...