Friday, December 26, 2008

Alphabet Soup

The end is nearly here. For 2008, that is. And the Chicago area just went through an ice age from beginning to end. Last week, we received a foot of snow and had air temperatures of -4, and two days after Christmas, the thermometer shot up to 55 degrees, three inches of rain fell, and all that lovely snow melted. Poof! Gone. With the contrasting air and ground temps, the fog rolled in thick and eerie. Quite the weather for December.

Brody, my 8 month old puppy (boxer/husky mix) was a little confused about the absence of snow Saturday morning. He loved romping around in it. The frigid temps didn't bother him at all. Lucky bugger. Here he is at 3 mths. Doesn't he look sweet? He's not. I don't call him "monster" for nothing.

What am I up to these days?
  • Finished editing my full manuscript (Dangerous Expectations) - now submitting
  • Finished one short story (His For A Night) - now submitting
  • I have about 1,000 more words to go on another short story before I begin editing (Turn Back Time)
  • Began research on my first series. I'm really excited about the premise for these books. Quite out of the norm.

I hope you had a great December. I did. I'm looking forward to starting a new project (series) and finding a home for Dangerous Expectations in 2009.

Have a wonderful (safe) New Year!