Sunday, April 19, 2009

Romance University Blog

After months of long-distance brainstorming and ironing out the multitude of details, we're one month away (May 18) from launching our new group blog, Romance University.

Who's the "we," you ask? Fellow writers (aka Faculty Members) Adrienne Giordano, Kelsey Browning, and yours truly, that's who.

We started with a kernal of an idea, which blossomed into an exciting, breath-taking project. RU is dedicated to helping writers establish and advance their careers, introducing readers to a variety of authors, and delving into the ever-inscrutable male mind.

Quite an undertaking, don't you think? Well, we're going to have a wee bit of help from a multitude of authors, agents, editors, and whatever insanely caveman-like guy we can pick up off the street.

Here's the class schedule:

Mondays: Crafting Your Career (Covers the business of writing)

Wednesdays: Anatomy of the Male Mind (Any number of crazy topics can come up)

Fridays: Chaos Theory of Writing (Focuses on the elements of manuscript writing)

Check out our new logo and "alumni" stamp for Visiting Professors (guest bloggers) to put on their web sites, or put in their recycling bin--whichever works best for them. :)

We were fortunate enough to work with the amazing Jeannie Ruesch for an image that reflected romance and learning, but one that wasn't genre-specific (i.e., romantic suspense, romantic comedy, historical). We wanted something with clean, simple lines. I think we succeeded.

Please stop by on May 18. We're working on a great line-up of visiting professors. You won't be disappointed.

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