Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Soggy Chicagoland

For two and a half miserable days, Chicago's been under siege by Mother Nature's dripping hands. Although I have been spared a floating basement, others have not. As I type, the remnants of Hurricane Ike have settled over the area. No hurricane force winds here, though. No, Ike has gentled to a mere trickle while visiting Illinois, but he's no less destructive--cresting rivers, closed expressways, flooded homes, power outages, and more.

However, in my neighborhood, I hear only the gentle patter of rain outside my office window. A soothing melody perfect for writing. Between an unusual weather pattern and Ike, I've had 2.5 days to catch up on email, update my website and blog, and finish my current manuscript. Oh, and play with my puppy and cuddle up with my husband before a flickering fire.

So, where some have found utter devastation, one writer was fortunate enough to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful writing weekend. My heart goes out to all those who are fighting to save their homes or have lost their homes to Mother Nature's fury.

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