Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year, New Book, New Read

I never make resolutions. Of course I tried many years ago, but after a few weeks all my good intentions would fade away as February came into view. What I did do this year was create a set of writing goals, which I shared here. Goals I know how to deal with. I'm an HR professional, after all. Resolutions don't seem to carry the same weight in my mind. There isn't enough guilt attached to a resolution. Guilt is a super motivator for me.

So, one of my goals was to begin a new book. The first book in a series of four. I've never written a series before. In order to organize my thoughts, I developed detailed character profiles for the first and fourth book and summary profiles for the second and third books. Unlike my first two manuscripts, I feel like I know my hero and heroine better this time around. I have to imagine that this will create depth and richness to my characters early on in the books. We'll see.

Starting a new book is both exciting and terrifying. I love starting a new project. It rejuvenates my spirit, stimulates my mental juices, and gives me something new to look forward to - The End.

So, after several weeks of research, I can sit down today and begin writing again. Why so much research, you ask? Well, I stepped away from the Regency era and tiptoed into Victoria's reign. New words, new costumes, new technologies. But I'm ready now to begin, especially after a writer friend of mind reminded me not to get bogged down by the research. You can always go back for the little details, she said.

Another goal of mine is to read more. Between my full-time job, a new house, a new puppy, a neglected husband, and writing part-time, I had little time for one of my greatest loves - reading. Where I used to read 3 books a week, I'm now scrambling to read one book a month. Nonsense, I say!!

I'm starting out the year strong, though. I just finished one book and now I'm moving on to another. I'm really enjoying Kresley Cole's newest release Kiss of a Demon King. Kresley's heroine is so evil. Love it!!

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